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  • A Revolution in Storage

    A Revolution in Storage

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What is SwingStow?

Organized and efficient, SwingStow is the versatile answer for all of your storage frustrations.


The restrictive dimensions of closets, storage areas and workspaces has confounded mankind for centuries. If you are searching for an easy way to double or even quadruple your storage space, it’s time to unfold all of the possibilities that SwingStow can provide.

3d view of front of swingstow

The SwingStow storage system is a unique structure that provides both adjustable shelving and hanging options to store your stuff. This Swiss Army knife approach toward organization allows you to make the most out of the limited storage space you may experience in areas like stock rooms, pantries, garages and closets, just to name a few.


3d view of swingstow

There are dozens of SwingStow configurations. Each unit has a pair of stationary shelving cases with several additional cases. The additional shelving cases have a “swing action” that allows you to swing them back and forth like turning pages in a book. Believe it or not, each shelving case has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds—that’s a total capacity of three tons in the largest SwingStow unit!

SwingStow’s innovative floating hinge* design allows the unit to remain balanced in spite of the load it bears or the uneven contour of your floors. The SwingStow hinges* also make it easy to open and close each individual shelving box with just one hand.

SwingStow – the amazing, versatile storage solution is now available to you!

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