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My garage is a mess! My closets are full!

Traditionally, homeowners have had little recourse when storage needs eclipse storage capacity. You could fork out money for a storage unit, which is inconvenient and costly. You can persuade a friend or family member to hold onto some stuff for an undetermined amount of time, which isn’t ideal for anyone. Or, you could continue to “pile it on” in the basement, garage or spare room without a solution in sight.

For any and all household storage needs, the unique SwingStow system can consolidate your belongings and multiply the usability of your space. For instance:

If you spend too much time running around the kitchen searching cabinets and drawers to find all the gadgets you need to prepare a family dinner, consider a SwingStow pantry unit.

If your garage has become so cluttered with tools and equipment there is barely enough space to park your car, reclaim your garage with SwingStow storage.

If you have thought about turning that spare room into a storage room because your closets are full, reconsider by looking at one of SwingStow’s many shelving configurations.

SwingStow is versatile. It comes with a variety of adjustable shelving and hanging combinations to accommodate the biggest or heaviest of items, and the unique SwingStow hinge* keeps the shelves balanced on an uneven floor. The SwingStow hinge* also allows you to easily page through the shelving walls with one hand!

*Patent pending